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10 signs that your dog is not loyal

First of all, it is essential to be aware that instinct is a determining factor in understanding your dog’s language. Just as all animals rely entirely on the natural repertoire of their instincts, instinct is also a reliable guide for us when it comes to understanding the language of our dogs. For this reason, the ten points that follow represent only an approximate general criterion, an indication without a genuine claim to completeness. 

He doesn’t look deeply into your eyes.

It shows its most penetrating and innocent look when it looks you in the eye. This clear look in certain circumstances also characterizes Sheepdogs, Golden Retrievers, and many other breeds, as well as all possible mestizos.

Your dog’s piercing gaze indicates his love, which is at least as deep as the gaze he gives you. According to some studies, the level of oxytocin in dogs even increases while looking at the owner intensely. It is the hormone that also arouses in humans the sensations deriving from an intense bond.

He is not always by your side.

If your dog loves you, there is nowhere he is better off than next to you. Unlike humans, the dog does not need moments to spend alone and not share with his beloved owner, and on the contrary, he believes that the place next to him is the most beautiful in the world, which does not mean that he does not like it too. Her food bowl or the area in the house where he finds her dog basket. But above all, he loves to accompany you everywhere, whether it is going for a walk together or cooking dinner, where he is pleased, especially when now and then a few treats fall on the floor for him (remember that many food products may not be healthy and digestible for your pet. highly appreciated by man).

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he doesn’t Make you little gifts

Of course, this is not an 18-karat gold ring, but something better: his favorite bite bone he is very proud of. Giving your dog a gift is an unmistakable sign of love. This is especially true when the dog entrusts his favorite to you. On the other hand, if he brings it to you but does not want to give it to you permanently, it is mainly an invitation to play with him.

he doesn’t Jump high towards you

This behavior, which is often interpreted as a sign of love, could also have another meaning: the expression of dominant behavior. If the dog exhibits such behavior, you should not react in an overly happy and exciting way. This would signal to the dog that you are inferior to him and lead to difficulties in your relationship. You also have to show yourself happy but continuing to convey a sense of tranquility and superiority.

It doesn’t console you.

Thanks to its instinct that works flawlessly, the dog perceives how his master or mistress is doing. If he feels that he is not so well, he will do all he can to soothe him with his presence. When asked, “Does my dog ​​love me?” is easy to answer in these cases.

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He is not thoughtful.

If he feels that danger is threatening his master, he stands before you with a protective attitude. However, this behavior must be viewed in a critical sense, insofar as the dog does not see you as a boss who is in control of his feelingsWith a confident attitude, you must communicate to the dog that you can permanently and in any case entrust to you and that you are up to the situation.

He doesn’t wag his tail.

If your dog wags his tail from side to side to say hello, he is doing so to express intense joy. This is an undeniable sign: he is happy that you are there because he loves you. However, be aware that the wagging of the dog’s tail, on other occasions, only indicates that the dog is excited. The other elements of the situation can help explain whether it is positive arousal or not: for example, if the dog is frightened, it wags its tail with its tail down and a little stiff; furthermore, to correctly interpret all signals, the position of the ears should also be taken into consideration.

He doesn’t lick you.

Does the dog regard you as a delicacy since it does nothing but lick you? This shows that he cares about you. Licking is one of the sure signs of affection. If you don’t like this kind of show of respect, you should empathize with it, for example, by making a compromise where your dog can only lick your hand rather than your whole face. Otherwise, the dog could also be offended if this gesture was rejected in the wrong way.

He doesn’t sleep with you.

If he likes to lie down next to you, e.g., the dog who sleeps in bed means that he trusts, and this trust is a sign of his deep love for his master. He perceives it as his duty to watch over you. However, if the dog senses that you give him confidence, he can fall asleep safely, as he recognizes and accepts you as a reference member.

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