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5 signs that your dog can be gay

My dog is particularly friendly with another puppy of the same sex. Indeed, they seem to like each other so much! So the question arises: do gay dogs exist? In reality, the answer is not simple, also because the truth is that pets are not as “fluid” as we think.

While humans and other species tend to have more complex feelings, dogs have to contend with a more basic reasoning set. Starting from this assumption, let’s try to understand if we can talk about gay dogs.

1 My dog mates with a dog of the same sex

One of the most erroneous beliefs we can have when we talk about gay dogs is to think that their sexual orientation can be defined by the fact that one or more times in the course of their life, they have mounted hairs of the same sex.

It is a natural slip, a cliché: for dogs, the act of mounting is not necessarily linked to mating. As we explained when we talked about why female dogs mount, this behavior is more of a claim to domination.

Male dogs and female dogs ride each other to determine who is the best, who is dominant. Neutered males do this too, and in most cases, it is a form of pleasure that says nothing about their sexuality.

2 Gay dogs and mounts

So many of you will ask: in light of what I just read if my dog gets on another dog of the same sex, isn’t he gay? The answer is not simple: as we will say later, it is not excluded that dogs may have homosexual behaviors, but it will never be the only act of riding that defines gay dogs.

On the other hand, please stop and think: The dog also mounts our legs, table legs, cushions, and various types of objects. But that certainly does not lead us to believe that there is a preferential (sexually speaking) link with these things!

3 What if the dog does not mate with females?

Another mistaken belief that leads many bipedal friends to read up on dog’s sexual orientation and try to find out if gay dogs exist is linked to non-mating. If the dog does not mate, the reason is practically never attributable to his sexual preferences, but much more often to a matter of timing and … sympathy.

First of all, we need to understand if the dog is of the right age to mate and if the chosen dog is in the correct heat phase. After that, you have to introduce the two future lovers by making them meet a couple of times, to understand if there is a feeling and if you like each other. Even The dog can have his say in this regard: the choice of a partner is not just a human prerogative!

Dogs and homosexuality

Let’s go now to talk, more generally, about the bond that unites dogs and homosexuality. We assume that science has shown that our four-legged friends can develop homosexual attitudes and preferences.

However, no in-depth studies have been carried out that can establish that a dog with these preferences will keep them for life, and there is a lot of skepticism about it.

In humans and other primates, homosexuality is linked not only to physical attraction but also and above all to the tendency to develop deep bonds with members of the same species. This is not precisely the case for dogs: they do not feel love – as we bipeds understand it – towards other quadrupeds.

Therefore, the relationships of our four-legged friends are much simpler than one might think. On the one hand, The dog can develop a certain sympathy for a bit of a dog or a dog. On the other hand, the survival instinct also comes into play, which will lead it to mate to reproduce.

Homosexuality and bisexuality in dogs

Homosexual behavior is and has been observed in all species of animals for hundreds of years. There are no animal species around capable of having sexual relations that have not exhibited homosexual behavior. As for dogs, however, one can speak more correctly of bisexuality.

The dog may decide to mate with a male dog. He likes it because he finds his smell stimulating. On the other hand, he intends to achieve pleasure (on the other hand, let’s remember that dogs also know very well what autoeroticism is ) can find just as stimulating a sissy.

Bisexual is perhaps the most common sexual orientation: there are bisexual cats, bisexual dogs, and … even bisexual baby turtles.

Gay dogs, should they be neutered?

Unfortunately, this is a ubiquitous and quite stupid question. There is no valid reason to neuter a dog that exhibits homosexual attitudes, and a dog should never undergo such a delicate operation other than for medical or safety reasons.

When mounting dogs of the same sex, the dog does nothing strange, does not behave abnormally, and is not showing anything that is out of place: he is a natural tendency, and thinking differently only means not understanding the delicate animal nature.

Story of a “gay” dog

Precisely on the wave of simple questions about castration, we want to tell a story that has remained in the annals, also reported in 2013 by Vanity Fair, of an American bulldog mestizo that the owner wanted to have suppressed. The “excuse” for the killing was the alleged homosexuality of the dog.

His master not only abandoned him in the kennel, but he wanted him killed. Fortunately, a group of animal rights activists learned of the case and rescued him. The dog was renamed Elton, and today he is a happy and healthy dog ​​who has given infinite love to his family.

Is my dog ​​gay?

Knowing if the dog is gay can be challenging: we will never be sure. On the other hand, if we think about it, there isn’t even a real reason we should ask ourselves.

The dog has the right to “fall in love” and mate with whomever he likes during his short life: it shouldn’t be us, his best friends, to set him limits. Quite right?

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