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Signs that your dogs likes watching NBA

What do dogs see when they watch TV? This is a question that most dog owners have asked themselves at least once. It often happens that our four-legged friends throw themselves at the television when they see a cat, a dog, or another animal passing by. From the data collected by a recent study, dogs can see TV and distinguish whether the images represent animals or people. The study was published in the scientific journal Science Daily and was conducted by the National veterinary school of Lyon.

The researchers analyzed the behavior of different dog species that were subjected to viewing additional images on TV. During the research, the dogs observed images depicting animals, people, and other dogs, and it appears that they have shown considerable interest in the latter category alone. However, according to Tufts University veterinarian Nicholas Dodman, some breeds are more prone to watching TV than others. In particular, the species most interested in the images that appear on the screen are those of territorial and predatory dogs, such as terriers.

The most logical explanation is that these animals are attracted to all moving objects, even those that come from the TV, and that’s why your dog likes NBA. Conversely, other dog breeds do not receive enough stimulation from the images that appear on TV, as they are more predisposed to anything that stimulates the sense of smell rather than sight. According to the study, thanks to new technologies, television is increasingly becoming a tool of interest and interaction for our four-legged friends. The old televisions inside the houses transmitted the images at 60 frames per second and were not visible to the dog’s eye.

On the other hand, modern televisions transmit at a much higher frequency, which guarantees a discreet fluidity of the images at the sight of the dog. In the United States, researchers, veterinarians, and psychologists decided to create content to be broadcast on television specifically for dogs. This project is called DOG TV and can be downloaded from the official website; There is also a trial version of about 60 minutes. Dogs playing with each other, cars in motion, and running water was filmed.

What do dogs see and hear when they watch NBA?

Dogs see the world differently than humans, and this also applies to what they see on television.

Humans have trichromatic vision, which means we see more colors than dogs. We have three color receptors in our eyes that allow us to see shades of the green, red and blue spectrum, giving us many visual acuities and seeing shadows. That dogs do not see.

The dogs have the dichromatic view and have only two color receptors that detect blue and yellow. This means that shades of red and green do not exist for the dog, and he would not be able to distinguish a red ball on the grass by color, whether on TV or live.

This means that many details and shades featured on TV are non-existent for the dog, but images and scenes in which various contrasting shades of blue and yellow will stand out more clearly for your dog than other shades.

Plus, dogs’ eyes are better at picking up motion than static objects, so that they might prefer action scenes!

Dog eyes can notice moving images and transitions faster than our eyes. Hence, HD TV and clear photos are easier to see than low-resolution screens and analog televisions with slower frames that flicker for dogs.

As for the sounds coming from the TV, your dog hears everything and maybe even more. Dogs listen to sounds on higher frequencies than humans, and sometimes they listen to noises on television that we ignore.

How do dogs perceive television? 

For what dogs think of tv, the whole concept of television is quite difficult for them to understand. Dogs that are not used to the TV will often back and forth to figure out where sounds and movements are coming from and probably won’t understand what is happening.

Soundtracks created to generate suspense and anxiety will have a similar effect on the dog even if violence, danger, and risk go unnoticed by the dogs, and some fidget when many things are happening on screen.

Why do some dogs like to watch NBA? 

Some dogs like to watch NBA regularly or when there is a show or soundtrack. Something is likely to catch their attention, such as a contrast of colors, sounds, or movement.

Most dogs watch TV with family and thus feel safe, comfortable, and loved; this also builds positive associations in your dog’s brain (TV = family time) and will likely relax with his favorite people.

Dog breeds with a highly developed sense of smell like beagles and hounds are less interested in television than other breeds because sight is not as important to them as smell. Greyhounds and sheepdogs like greyhounds and border collies are used to the movement and will probably enjoy watching NBA!

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