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Signs to tell if your dog is in a relationship

With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, there are thousands of couples in love worldwide looking for the perfect way to show their love to their partner.

But what about dogs? How do they behave when they are in love?

As reported by ANSA, thanks to the studies conducted by Dr. Sabrina Giussani, veterinarian expert in animal behavior and Senior President of SISCA, let’s find out together the signals to understand if our furry four-legged loved ones are also in love with a similar one.

The gestures

Several types of research carried out using functional magnetic resonance have shown that dogs can activate different areas of the brain intended for the cognitive processing of information.

To date, our furry four-legged are inevitably capable of experiencing at least six different emotions: joy, anger, fear, sadness, surprise, and disgust.

Just as they can feel negative emotions towards their fellowmen, dogs can also experience intense feelings attributable to falling in love.

Among the most typical behaviors we find:

  • Exchange of kisses on the muzzle, ears, and eyes;
  • The tail that hurries like a propeller;
  • Ears back;
  • Search for physical contact such as the brushing of the chest;
  • Small bows;
  • He ran together;
  • Tracking down prey together;
  • Smell together.

This type of courtship generally occurs between males and females when there is excellent collaboration. Still, it can also happen between two animals of the same sex that have long had significant affinities.

Furthermore, it is proven that this type of collaboration is not reserved for one and only dogs. There could be solid affinities and “falls in love” even with more specimens at the same time.

Valentine’s Day with humans

These typical gestures of falling in love can also be intended for humans.

If your dog licks you, wags his tail, and seeks physical contact, it means that he has immeasurable love for you.

Returning to Valentine’s Day then, why not take the opportunity to give him a nice gift? Food, accessories, or clothes, you are spoiled for choice

In general, pheromones are supportive in all situations of discomfort, which can help the dog regain more significant serenity and more excellent balance in a critical phase for him. In the form of a diffuser for the environment but also of a collar (such as those of Adaptil, for example), they reproduce in a natural way all the properties of the pheromones that a mother dog releases to her little ones: they are messages of comfort and safety that are effective with dogs of all breeds and sizes.

And finally, why not give our 4-legged friend a Valentine’s Day gift? A gesture of affection will always do the relationship well. “On this front all the possibilities are open: every dog ​​has his tastes and an appreciated gift can be not only a game but also a delicious food cooked especially for him, for dogs who love coats there is only the ‘spoiled for choice, the same goes for those who love blankets or berths” advises the expert. 

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