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Dog vomits white foam: causes, how to intervene, remedies

It is not uncommon for a dog to vomit white foam. This symptom can be a sign of a temporary discomfort in the animal or indicate various entities’ pathologies.

Whatever the genesis of vomiting, such an episode is always a cause for concern. For a precise evaluation of the event, it is advisable to note related symptoms, trace the root cause and intervene with the proper remedies.

Major Causes of Vomiting and White Foam Secretions in Dogs

Vomiting with white foam secretion in the dog can be a mild episode generated by his gluttony. The dog tends to swallow excessive quantities of food without performing proper chewing.

For this reason, isolated events must not arouse alarmism.

However, a complete picture of the situation is indispensable for effective and timely action.

Vomiting is only a symptom and can hide several problems :

  • Pancreatitis: inflammation that prevents the pancreas from the proper breakdown of food. This forces the body to vomit out anything it can’t get rid of
  • L ‘ abdominal inflammation: a specific condition from an excessive accumulation of gastric juices, air, and food in the abdomen. In severe cases, a contortion of the stomach can prevent blood flow from reaching internal organs, causing the dog to die
  • L ‘ ingestion of objects: the dogs lead to mouth everything that attracts their attention, and this can cause ingestion of certain items. In this case, vomiting is a joyous event since it allows the expulsion of the foreign body and prevents the onset of severe complications, such as bowel obstruction.
  • The Parvovirus: a severe viral disease whose infection occurs through direct contact with infected feces from the virus. Symptoms of the disease are easy to interpret: in addition to frothy vomiting, hemorrhagic diarrhea and fever occur.
  • The signs of the infection appear after about ten days. Parvovirus can be eradicated with a vaccine that must be performed in the first months of the dog’s life
  • The kennel cough is a particular respiratory infection whose main symptom is just the cough, frequently accompanied by mucus secretions from the nose. This disease occurs in places where there are many specimens, such as kennels. It is a mild pathology that does not require special care, as it tends to resolve spontaneously in just two weeks.
  • The parasites: in the first months of the puppy’s life, the appearance of worms in the stomach can cause decay and frequent nausea accompanied by vomiting frothy
  •  L ‘ poisoning: the white foam expulsion is one of the first signals that occur when the dog ingests the toxic substances. Related symptoms are tachycardia and breathing difficulties

How to intervene to stop vomiting: the proper remedies

To contain the manifestations of vomiting, it is advisable to have the dog perform a short fast or give small rations of food so that the stomach can digest without fatigue.

At this stage, it is essential to provide hydration.

The natural remedies made from peppermintfennel, and chamomile, have demonstrated their effectiveness in thwarting further episodes of vomiting in dogs. Another solution is to administer carbonic calciumprobiotics, and vitamin B supplements.

Frequent episodes of vomiting can make our friend tired and debilitated. In case of persistent symptoms, it is necessary to contact a veterinarian. Once the disorder’s etiology has been identified, he can indicate the most suitable treatment for treating the dog.

The doctor will also be able to prescribe anti-emetic drugs and end this exhausting condition.

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