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Hot, pay attention to the dog’s fingertips: risk of burns

The ground heated by the sun risks burning Fido’s paws.

Imagine walking barefoot on hot coals. This is the sensation that your dog could experience during walks, in the city, and at sea, during the hottest hours. The asphalt and sand retain excessive heat and become incandescent. Therefore, the danger of burns is around the corner or – better to say – outside the door of the house.

A substantial risk, with more or less severe consequences, is not always known by Fido’s human companions. While other risks related to heat, such as heat stroke, do not catch dog owners unprepared, the risk of tar and sand burns is not always an awareness. This lack of perception is linked to the fact that a man while walking next to his four-legged friend, does not perceive heat since he is protected – unlike his faithful friend – by footwear. However, it is enough to touch the ground with the hand for ten seconds to realize incandescent-like lava.

Also, in this case, the imperative is to prevent. Going out with the dogs only in the most incredible hours of the day – that is, early in the morning or in the evening – is imperative. If possible, it is better to prefer shaded streets, parks, gardens, or dirt paths that most disperse the heat. If this is not possible and the dog has to follow the owner out of the house when the sun is high in the sky, we need to protect his paws just like we do with our feet. Dog shoes and emollient creams must not be missing in the homes of citizens who cannot protect their pets in any other way.

Then, always keep an eye on your Fido, who will undoubtedly send clear signals in case of pain or discomfort. Lameness, reluctance to continue the walk, or – on the contrary – haste to advance can be a symptom of suffering and therefore should not be underestimated. Upon returning home, it is a good idea always to check Fido’s paws. Any redness, abrasions, or wounds should not be underestimated, even if minor. In this case, it is always necessary to ask your veterinarian for advice to decide if it is appropriate to intervene with ointments and adequate care commensurate with the degree of injury suffered by Fido.

The pet shop market offers a series of valid aids to avoid these epilogues. Exactly as it happens for us, the total protection from the red-hot asphalt is undoubtedly provided by the dog shoes with resistant soft rubber soles that adhere perfectly both to the dog’s foot and to the asphalt. Socks also provide insulation – albeit in a much lighter way – to the dog’s paws from the ground. At the same time, emollient creams have the advantage of providing natural resistance and elasticity to healthy tissue thanks to a soothing, moisturizing, and protective action.

On the beach, however, the watchword is shadow. If the umbrella is not an obvious choice for many people, it must be for those who reach the coast with Fido. The latter must have the possibility of lying on a towel in the shade and not on the boiling sand.

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