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Is the collar or harness better for the dog?

One of Fido owners’ questions most often is: collar or harness for going out for a walk with the dog?

The lines of thought of veterinarians and trainers are different, especially since, in recent years, there has been increasing use of the harness that many consider the best solution. However, the reality is more complex: upstream of the question, there should be a crucial point, namely the dog’s education.

The owner needs to teach his four-legged friend to walk together without dragging him. If you get good results, both harness and collar will do. Once you have taken this step, you can still examine the pros and cons of these two different types of accessories and understand what is best for your four-legged friend.

To answer the question, it is good to see in detail the reasons for and against the use of one or the other.

Advantages and disadvantages of the collar

The collar is preferable to the harness if it has to do with a dog that “pulls” on the leash. The harness maximizes the traction of the animal, and the owner risks being dragged while the collar guarantees greater control and facilitates Fido’s management.

Even educators dealing with dogs that tend to be aggressive prefer to use the collar to keep the animal at the proper distance. It is essential to adjust it well so that it is neither too narrow nor too wide.

The collar should be avoided if the dog suffers from tracheitis because pulling it risks worsening the inflammation. Even herniated discs are likely to be worsened by the increased stress on the spine, so it is better to resort to the bib.

Advantages and disadvantages of the harness

The main advantage of the harness is that it allows you to carry out a more delicate solicitation when you want to keep the dog or, vice versa, move it away. The force is not exerted directly on the neck but on the trunk of the animal that feels freer during the walk.

To avoid is the X-shaped harness which can inflame the axillary glands, causing Fido to walk with an incorrect posture and with wide front legs. Instead, H-harness is recommended to avoid this kind of problem.

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