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When the dog pokes his head out the car window!

Summer has started again. Warm temperatures and the perfect opportunity to open the car windows fully during a ride.

Our faithful four-legged friend is also enjoying the ride in the car. He sticks his head out the window, and the wind blows coldly through his fur. The dog can see everything outside the vehicle, and the animal can also catch thousands of exciting smells and seem to be attracted to them.

Oddly, virtually no official scientific research has been conducted on why the dog is so eager to put his head out of a moving car. However, it is assumed that the dog enjoys the wind in his face, and the animal would appreciate the speed.


But is it a good idea to allow the dog to put his head out of the car while you drive? Dogs are highly susceptible to disease due to drafts. Exposure to currents can lead to severe colds and even pneumonia in a dog.

The dog also runs the risk of ear and eye infections. However, the most dangerous for the dog is the incidence of meningitis, which the animal will almost certainly die!

There are many other reasons not to allow your dog to stick his head out of the car. At some point, the animal can see something of interest to him and jump out of the vehicle.

Never say, “My dog ​​doesn’t!” It remains an animal that can activate unpredictable behavior or actions at a given moment, which we had not taken into account.

A dog does not like to ride a car by nature.

For many puppies, the first car trip is not very good. It is a race that takes them away from their family environment, from their mother, brothers, and sisters. Many puppies also become car sick and immediately associate this annoying feeling with the car.

It is essential to teach your dog that driving is fun. Start teaching the dog by taking short trips, ending up in a fun activity, for example in the forest, a nice walk or swimming. In any case, the car journey must end with a positive experience for the dog.

Type of machine !!

Many dog ​​owners don’t realize that the type of car they drive in can lead to motion sickness in dogs. This is because motion sickness is generated, among other things, by confusing the organs of balance. As the dog loses contact with the ground and is set in motion, this causes a floating sensation—less contact with the ground, worse motion sickness.

My experience is that many dogs in so-called less rigid cars, such as Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, are more easily and severely sick. The stiffer the car suspension is, the better the dog keeps contact with the ground and will not get sick.

Finally, a critical warning !!!

Do not leave the dog in the car in the summer !!! When the car’s outside temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, the temperature inside the car will very quickly rise to well over 45 degrees Celsius.

The dog will be shocked by the heat, and this shock will lead to death due to overheating !!!

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