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The first reason why our four-legged friend could go away from home is related to his instinct for reproduction. If at a short distance our dog feels that there is a dog in heat, he could decide to go and look for her and then move away from home. Unfortunately, there is not much to do to avoid this eventuality, in fact, even a dog with a very high obedience education, in the absence of its human, follows instinct. The only precaution to take is to put the dog in safety, i.e. inside the house or in a fence or box that is escape-proof.

Another reason for the dog’s escape is related to boredom or a desire to explore. Most dogs live a sedentary and monotonous life that is ill-suited to an animal that by its nature is an explorer. For this reason, our dog may decide to leave home to visit places and smell the surroundings, it should be remembered that for the dog’s mentality the removal from home is a temporary episode in the order of “I’m going for a ride and then I come back ”not“ I’m leaving home ”because the dog is a social animal that loves being with its own“ pack ”.
The desire to be reunited with the pack underlies a motivation to flee. Dogs that are not used to being alone or suddenly find themselves in places they do not recognize could run away to rejoin their “pack”.

The dog runs away even if frightened or afraid of an unexpected event. During a thunderstorm or because of the sound of fireworks, his brain may suggest that he run away from the danger he feels nearby. If the dog is frightened he is confused and his ability to analyze the problem is less so that it leads him to do actions that he would not normally do.
The predatory instinct is another motivation to flee. Most evident in hunting, sniffer and Nordic dogs but also present in dogs of other breeds. The predatory instinct is written in the DNA of our four-legged friend and although during most of his life he is hidden and sedated, he could awaken to the smell of a particular smell or the sight of a free animal.

Finally, it is good to remember that dogs that have spent part of their life in kennels or shelters or that have changed their environment often have a greater tendency to flee. This is because the animal needs time to acclimate and recognize a place as its “lair” and if during the transition period it is not monitored sufficiently it may decide to try to return to the place it deemed safe.

To overcome all these possible causes of escape, we remind you that all dogs must be educated about the life they will carry out, that is, accustomed to environments and people, to noises and smells. The more the dog will be shown different situations and will be used to correctly dealing with them, the less the dog will be led to follow his instincts in particular situations. In addition to education, the dog needs daily exercise. Physical and mental exercise the dog is a social animal that needs to feel useful in its pack, it needs contact and discipline and, last but not least, adequate movement.

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