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5 tips on dog hygiene

Have you recently adopted a puppy and are wondering what care it needs? Do you want to get ready to take a new 4-legged friend and do not know what he will need? Before taking a dog to live with you, you must be willing to take care of its hygiene every day!

Brushing your  4-legged best friend must become a habit and a moment of relaxation for him. In this way, you can defend it even from parasites. Remember that you must get used to him when he is still a puppy, so then you can carry on this ritual continuously, without creating bad moods in him. 5-10 minutes a day you need to devote them to its care and hygiene.

Let’s see the 5 simple rules to always keep your dog clean and healthy

1. Clean the paws after returning from walks. Every time you take your dog to the park, it is a good idea to clean his paws with wet wipes before returning to the house.

2. Clean your eyes. The eyes are very delicate and must be kept clean by eliminating all impurities and secretions. Bring cotton or sterile gauze and boric water (or an eye solution recommended by your veterinarian). Alternatively, you can also find comfortable chamomile wipes on the market specifically for dog eye hygiene. Be careful using cotton wool as it may leave lint inside your pet’s eye causing even more discomfort. Use different gauze for each eye, otherwise, infections and bacteria could pass from one eye to the other.

3. Clean your ears. This operation is especially essential for those with drooping eared dogs. Once a week, with a cotton swab wet with a suitable solution, gently clean the ears of your faithful friend, without insisting too much.
If your dog often goes to areas with tall grass, especially in summer, and you notice that he has ear discomfort or shakes his head repeatedly, he may have a small ear stuck. In this case, take it immediately to the vet who will remove it. Do not try to remove it yourself because the ear is a particularly delicate and painful area. Remember that these spikes can also be easily tucked under the hair, under the skin, or the fingertips and it is, therefore, good to control the dog after walks in the countryside.

4. Also clean the private parts. During the day, if you keep your faithful companion at home, it is good that you wash your private parts thoroughly with wet toilet paper or wet wipes. Alternatively, you can also choose a neutral pH cleaner, but use it in moderation because the dog naturally licks itself to provide for its intimate hygiene.

5. When to bathe and groom? Your dog must be clean, especially if he spends a lot of time on the sofa and bed at home with you. Before soaking it, brush it carefully, removing all excess hair. Any parasites are also eliminated with the bath. It is up to us to decide when to bathe him, depending on the type of his hair and his size but also depending on how dirty he gets. At least three times a year it is recommended to give him a full bath.

Remember that the first bath must be done after three months of life. What about grooming? This practice serves both aesthetically and functionally and results in the care of nails, hair, and all the specific aspects that the different breeds involved. You can take your dog to a specialized shop when he is about six months old, where he will be treated with specific products and tools.

NB. Before summer comes, remember about parasite therapy! You must then carry out all annual vaccinations.

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