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The dog eats too fast: why he does it and how to behave

If the dog eats too quickly it is good to intervene to try to correct this behavior. Just like for people, it is not recommended for dogs to swallow kibble or any other food without taking the time to chew.

Because the dog eats fast

What are the reasons that make a dog too greedy? The reasons can be many, but often this behavior develops as a result of the need to eat as much as possible before someone steals his food. It is a behavior that is found more often, in fact, in dogs that have experienced competition with their siblings as puppies, or that still live with other dogs, or even in dogs that have been guests of kennels or shelters.

If he got into the habit of eating quickly at a particularly sensitive age, it is easy for him to keep it even after many years. It does not mean that the dog comes from difficult situations, but the mere presence of other dogs can put him in a situation of very high competitive stress, which leads him to want to finish the meal as quickly as possible.

Another reason can also be the dog’s excessive hunger. Of course, in this case, it is better to reconsider the quantities of the daily rations and evaluate if it is appropriate to increase them a little since they could be underpowered compared to the needs of our animal, especially if it carries out a lot of physical activity.

What are the risks if the dog eats too fast

When your dog eats quickly, there is a greater chance that he may have some digestive problems. The organism takes longer to process food that is not chewed well, exactly as it also happens to humans.

If the dog vomits, the problem could also be due to the incorrect swallowing of the food. Also, feeding too fast can cause flatulence, gas buildup in the stomach resulting in abdominal distension and colic.

For some breeds, there is also the risk of gastric torsion, which leads to far more serious consequences, even lethal.

What to do when the dog eats too fast

The first solution, in case you have two or more dogs, is to have them eat separately, placing them in different rooms. In this way, food competition is reduced and, in a short time, the problem should be solved. Avoid disturbing your dog with your presence while he eats, as he may believe that you also want to steal his food.

If, on the other hand, you have only one dog, you can try to spread the contents of the bowl on the floor, in about 4 square meters. The dog will therefore have to move a few steps to ingest the food, thus allowing time to pass between one bite and another, as well as carrying out satisfying olfactory research to identify what he may have missed.

It is a solution that can be implemented inadequate spaces and obviously with dry food, such as croquettes, but of course impossible to practice with wet food, especially in apartments or other unsuitable environments.

Another method can be the use of Kong, an educational toy for dogs with a conical shape, made of very resistant natural rubber. A large hole in the lower part allows you to insert food in any shape and consistency inside it, while a small hole in the upper part prevents the “vacuum” effect from being created, preventing the dog’s tongue from getting stuck inside. Once the food has been inserted into it, the dog must work to find a solution to get it out.

Anti-gorge dog bowl

A very safe solution may be to purchase a specific voracious dog bowl, which features a rough bottom surface with spikes and dips. To reach the pieces of food or the croquettes the animal will have to search for them more calmly with the tongue and mouth, slowing down the food intake and thus reducing the risks.

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