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Where to place the dog’s bed?

When you decide to adopt a puppy, it is also natural to begin to inquire about what changes will have to be made to your habits and the house, so one of the classic questions that arise is: where to place the dog’s kennel? Let’s see some tips together!

Where to put dog kennel

Identifying an exact spot where to put the dog’s kennel before his arrival in the house is essential to make him understand immediately what his fixed position will be. The kennel will be his refuge, his bed, his hiding place, his home in your home.

You can place it in a special enclosure for dogs, in case you decide to leave it free in the garden and let it live in a mixed environment. In these cases, it is very important to choose between insulated dog kennels, i.e. specially designed to withstand changes in external temperature, without making your dog suffer from the excessive heat of summer or the harsh cold of mid-winter.

When you choose to take advantage of dog fences, you must at least have an outdoor space where your four-legged friend can move, play and run freely. This solution offers you several advantages: first of all, there will be no bad smells in the house, plus your dog will be able to vent all his energy and stay active and fit, while also leaving him direct contact with life outdoors, typical of its nature.

You can opt for prefabricated dog boxes which will make the assembly easier, choosing the dimensions based on the dog’s tonnage (if it is possible to define it a priori, even only approximately).

Use insulated kennels

The doghouses insulated must be a contemporary necessity, because the external environment, however, requires changes, sometimes even sudden, temperature and atmospheric conditions.

With an adequate insulated dog kennel (which you will choose based on the size of your friend with the tail) you can be sure that the dog will never suffer cold or heat, that it will be protected from rain, wind, and snow and that any need for thermoregulation will already be perfectly calibrated by the structure with which this special type of kennel is made.

The insulated kennels can also be used in internal courtyards, where there is partial coverage because even this condition presupposes an absence of constant ambient temperature.

The kennel, in any case, must always be positioned in an area sheltered from wind and weather, where there is not too much noise and where there is not a lot of people or vehicles coming and going. In short, it must be away from any stimuli that could frighten or inhibit your dog.

Where to buy dog ​​bed

If you have not yet provided the ideal accommodation for your dog, we invite you to take a look at all the kennels and boxes for dogs in our online shop to determine the one that best suits your management choices, the needs of your dog, and the position in which you have decided to place it. There are many possibilities of models and sizes, including identifying the right one.

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