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    June 7, 2021

    If the dog loses its fur … what to do?

    If the dog loses its fur … what to do? Every year, starting from spring, there is molting, a physiological…
    June 6, 2021

    Hot, pay attention to the dog’s fingertips: risk of burns

    The ground heated by the sun risks burning Fido’s paws. Imagine walking barefoot on hot coals. This is the sensation…
    September 26, 2021

    How to teach your dog not to bark: useful tips

    Be aware that educating a dog not to bark is a process that takes time  (weeks or even months), but you don’t…
    June 4, 2021

    Sixth Sense: The 15 things a dog perceives

    Any dog ​​lover knows that our four-legged friends have a sixth sense when understanding our feelings. If you’re down in the…
    June 6, 2021

    Dog vomits white foam: causes, how to intervene, remedies

    It is not uncommon for a dog to vomit white foam. This symptom can be a sign of a temporary discomfort in…
    June 6, 2021

    When the dog pokes his head out the car window!

    Summer has started again. Warm temperatures and the perfect opportunity to open the car windows fully during a ride. Our…
    June 4, 2021

    Signs to tell if your dog is in a relationship

    With the arrival of Valentine’s Day, there are thousands of couples in love worldwide looking for the perfect way to show their…
    June 4, 2021

    10 foods you can eat with your dog

    His palate can be more refined than you can imagine! Does your dog make your eyes languid with the hope of not being able…

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